HEAT - Regional and local Development

In developing countries, and to a certain extent in threshold countries, households represent the primary social and economic centre for families' well-being. We at HEAT see a direct link between the social and economic poverty of households and the growing environmental and population problems faced by developing countries at global, national and regional level.

HEAT's primary objective is to improve living conditions in households in a culturally and economically appropriate manner.

HEAT's second objective is to reduce environmental damage and degradation caused by energy and resource mismanagement in households, businesses and industries and support developing countries striving to attain economic and ecological freedom.

By acting as a mediator, HEAT facilitates a process of know-how and capacity building in partner countries. For us it is most important to identify and acquire the best possible sources of knowledge in the North and the South. Our most essential skills are to build trust and partnership and to create synergies among all stakeholders.