HEAT - Supporting companies - Factory Conversion in India


Sector background: India is designated as a large ODS-consuming country, having reported a consumption of 5,614 ODP tons in 2000. The foam sector, together with the refrigeration and air conditioning sector, forms the bulk of the Annex A Group I substances consumed in the country. India has estimated that the foam sector alone consumed approximately 2,898 ODP tons of CFC in 2000, which does not include imported premixed systems commonly used in the sector. The initial problem of identifying imported premixed systems in total ODS consumption brought about certain fluctuations in determining total consumption, although the figure estimated for 2000 is considered to be representative of the existing situation of the country's foam sector.

The project for the conversion of Pramukh Poly-Products is a direct result of the project preparation phase approved last year. Pramukh Poly Products is among the largest replacement seat producers for the automobile and two-wheeler industry in India. Total production in 2000 was approximately 268 MT of foam for which 27 ODP tons of CFC was used. The CFC is in the form of premixed polyol, which is locally acquired. The premix ratio of CFC to polyol is around 10%-15%. Pramukh Poly-Products is presently using a Martin Sweets Low Pressure PUF Machine. In order to phase out the use of CFC in the production process, the company has opted for water-based technology as an alternative to the present production. The project aims at a cost efficiency of US$ 8.33/kg of CFC phased out. The project will lead to the complete conversion of the factory to non-ODS technology, resulting in a 100% phase out of the company's present annual consumption of 27 ODP tons of CFC.