HEAT - Advising government organisations - National CFC Phase-Out Plan for Iran


National CFC Phase-out Plan

The National CFC Phase-out Plan will phase out the remaining consumption of 1,708 tons of Annex A, Group I CFCs from 2003-2010. To achieve this target, a series of investment, non-investment, technical assistance, and capacity-building activities will have to be carried out. The National CFC Phase-out Plan will enable the Iranian Government to phase out CFC consumption by 1 January 2011.

Considering this multi-faceted approach, it is crucial that the Iranian Government be granted sufficient flexibility to adapt or modify its strategies during implement- ation of this plan as needs arise. Due to the complex and dynamic nature of SMEs, some proposed strategies or approaches to deal with CFC phase-out in this sector ought to evolve over time. This is to ensure that the agreed phase-out target will be met.

The Iranian Government is requesting financial support of US$ 18,503,179 from the Multilateral Fund to cover part of the costs of this CFC phase-out plan. Funding is requested in annual allocations starting in 2003 and lasting from 2004-2009. Details of the breakdown of the requested funding are provided in the following chapters of this project document. With 2,332 ODP tons of CFCs to be phased out from ongoing projects that have already been approved and funded by the MLF, this proposed funding request will phase out an additional 1,708 ODP tons of Annex A CFCs for a total phase-out of 4,040 ODP tons. Therefore, the overall cost-effectiveness of this National CFC Phase-out Plan is 10.8 US$/ODP kg.